submitted to  2112 Inc.  for the 2015 event

The Music of Forms — Audible Cities


The image shows the Grand City Square in Antwerp, Belgium. I picked this city because of a recent visit there, beside its obvious charm.

The skyline is converted into a melody, which is then played as a four voice canon. Imagine the picture drawn on a cylinder, so it does not end at the right edge, but restarts.

The instrument chosen is the carillon – well, MIDI tubular bells, but that's what's available. Quite traditional, since carillon music, including polyphony, has been practiced in Flanders since the 16th century, and Antwerp is a Flemish city.

To hear the canon, click on the image.

It is also possible to listen to a single voice, which makes it easier to follow the skyline shape. The sounds rise when the skyline rises (e.g. at the very start), and are low when the skyline is low (e.g. to the left of the central building).

If you are curious, check the score.