Dodecaphonic piano solo, banging chords up to a final tonal melodic+harmonic cadence. There are no harmony constraints, except at the final close; any group of notes may be sounded together.

The instruction:

perl  rnd_1234  irrhy_4
will produce a score  bang1234 and a playable midi file  bang1234.mid.  In more detail, driver executes:
perl @ARGV type PARM.txt perl > resul.txt perl copy hdrbang.txt+lh.txt+rh.txt $score midi $score



A cadence is a harmonization of one of the melodic cadences:

               (all of the above in minor or Major scales)

SI / RE – DO should be harmonized as V / V7 / VII7♭, / I / i , with any fitting triad for LA / MI / MI♭. The fuller the harmony, the better the cadence. Components may be missing, e.g. I / i may be reduced to tonic only, V7 played without third or fifth – and the grade of the cadence reduced accordingly.
Such cadences may appear by chance in the piece – they are not part of the design. In fact, the common melodic cadences DO SI DO and DO RE DO may also be there, although a single melodic dodecaphonic line should not contain them. In any case, I ignore DO SI DO and DO RE DO.