This was the second time we came to Beijing. Unfortunately, we visited exactly the same places as before – the travel company is set on its programs, with fees paid ahead of times and commissions from the same shops – so there could be no modification, even for a private tour: we two and the guide. But, at least, this time we had a camera ...

In addition, we saw two new fine shows, one Shaolin Kung Fu and the other the famous Chinese acrobatics.



Tien An Men


Heroes' Monument

Mao Soleum

O floare intre flori

Among blossoms

The Forbidden City, at the edge of Tien An Men.

For some reason, there was the flag of brand new South Sudan besides the Chinese flag.


Forbidden City


Turtle and crane

Ten protective beasts, including an angel.

Imperial throne.

Chinese and Manchu

Another Imperial throne

Traditional musical instruments: bronze bells and stone chimes.

Bats for luck: the lacquered door of the Empress' bedroom.

Four, five, six?

Four protective beasts would be unlucky. So?


Garden in the Forbidden City


The pebble mosaic is typical for this garden

The moat surrounding the Forbidden City


The Summer Palace


We crossed the lake on a dragon boat.

Various stories:
  • The Empress Dowager used the Navy budget to build a marble boat
  • The boat was already there, but she added the paddle wheel to be modern

The roof of the long painted gallery.

Dragon and phoenix

Yet another mythical animal: the Chinese unicorn, qilin. Under the Japanese version, "Kirin" is a good beer.

By the gate of the Summer Palace


The Great Wall


Alas, we pushed it too far. The wall, high on the hills, was very windy, and shorts were just not enough. We ran away, to drink hot tea.

The enigmatic Oriental mind.


Cloisonne and Email


Cloisonne frogs and email sacrilege


Olympics Center


The Olympic Torch buildings (or the ever present dragon)

In general, all new buildings are high rises, long bricks with decorations on top. This one is one of the more extravagant decorations.

The Bird's Nest: the main stadium for 2008 Olympics.


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