Athematic: perpetual development

Strangely enough, the whole procedure does not depend on durations. Durations will be totally ignored, which makes the result even more athematic.


Making a list of phrases, durations ignored


  1. enlist FIRST phrase: one entry
    An entry:

    • is one of the sources: orig, cancer, mirror, table, suitably transposed
    • 12 notes precisely
    • each such entry has a unique ID
  2. ADD: add a entry to phrase
    • set place to add and transpo, such that first note is harmonic
    • add in first available voice
    • specify as comment ( besides the pitch ):
      • ID
      • index
    • must be harmonic. If not,
      1. add a general pause in phrase
      2. put the nonharmonic tone in first voice
      3. FOLD-VS-EXTEND: try to fold, NOT EXTEND, as much as possible
    • try to extend as much as possible
    • try to fold as much as possible
      extend and fold may conflict (see FOLD-VS-EXTEND above); if a general pause is needed for harmony, it makes no sense to fold

    • prevent parallel voices
      when a voice enters on index 0, the index 0 may not appear elsewhere in the same chord
  3. enlist the following:
  4. standardize enlisted phrases:
  5. pick phrase from list and repeat from ADD