The name means "Yellow Mountain", but it does not refer to the color, rather to the mythical Yellow Emperor, and some other mythical sages who gathered on its slope herbs to make an immortality elixir. It is incredibly beautiful – alas, does not show in the photos – and nowadays relatively easy to reach by cable car. Of course, for the brave there are many paths to visit the wilderness.

Even for the not so brave, there are 300 steps (downwards, it is true) from the mountain top to the restaurant. Climbing them back to the cable car station, after eating ... So I got luxuriously carried in a palanquin. Poor, poor guys!

Everybody impressed. Some were commenting "He doesn't look that sick!" I wanted to tell them, that if I do climb on foot, I certainly will be sick enough.


The cable car


Bottom station of the cable car.

A rather poor picture; here the cable car crosses a high ridge between start and end.

The cable car arrives at the top station.






The locks are a symbol of fidelity; newlyweds fix them on the chains at scenic places.

A maze for waiting in line for the cable car. There are lots of visitors on holidays and weekends, but we were lucky. We were even luckier to have decent weather, there is often fog or rain.


Layers upon layers

This rock needle is the Goddess of the Mountain




The only way of carrying material on the mountain (including all the construction stuff for the restaurant, and other buildings? But if they ever had car tracks, why not keep them for tourism, too?)

tulat tuil tukang


Lording it up.

I was asked if I was not afraid (the bamboo poles were sagging alarmingly) What, me worry?


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