Minimalism: Piano Concerto

A piano concerto, based on a minimalist canon in augmentation. Dedicated to Alexandra Bageac, as it was completed on her birthday. The concerto is in two movements, a canon and its double (in the sense of Bach's Violin Partita in b minor). The movements share the same material, and end in identical codas. The basic difference is that in the first part the piano plays the canon, accompanied by the orchestra, while in the second the piano plays chords and arpeggios accompanying the canon, which now is taken by the orchestra.

A third movement (ad lib.) is a canon for piano solo, based on the same motifs. In my opinion it is best played between the two orchestral movements, but maybe the soloist would like to start the concerto with it. It may be skipped; think of it as an extended cadenza, not virtuosic but interpretative.

Everything is done by the instruction:

         perl rand_2345 size_20
(all parameters optional).